July 1, 2016
"Lit" is Available Now!

Trace’s new single, “Lit”, is a stomp-along that goes back to his Badonkadonk best as he counts down the things that get him fired up. Granny’s back (this time she’s drunk, playin’ Bingo), Grandpa’s fishin’ with dynamite, there’s a little “Sunday morning brimstone from a Pentecostal pastor,” and, “Keith Richards stoned on Rock ‘n Roll tearin’ up that Telecaster.”

Of course, nothing revs up this cowboy more than his girl, “slide on over, move a little closer with that four-alarm, fire-engine-red on your lips. So hot, you got me smokin’, girl you got it goin’ on, you’re the only one with the kiss that gets me lit.”

Trace himself explains it best: “There’s nothin’ profound or deep about this. This is just fun! You need some levity.”

Download “Lit” now on iTunes: http://geni.us/getlit