Trace Adkins and Blake Shelton find a Friday night somewhere in America where the drinks are flowing, the party is raging and all there is to say is “Hell Right.” The brand new single, featuring the legendary Trace Adkins, will be available this Friday and will impact radio beginning Monday, August 19. Penned by David Garcia, Brett Tyler and Michael Hardy, the latter of whom was responsible for Shelton’s most recent chart-topping single, “Hell Right” comes steeped in the rugged heart of “God’s Country” but tinted with the swagger of his biggest hits like “Hillbilly Bone” and “Boys ‘Round Here.”

“The thing that I love about what I’m doing right now, as far as recording and releasing music goes, is that I’m able to have an immediate reaction to something – and ‘Hell Right’ is an example of that,” Shelton said. “We had several songs cut that we had been excited about and still are, but when I heard ‘Hell Right’ I called my producer Scott and said, ‘I don’t want to rock the boat here, I just feel like we need to go in and cut this and see how it works out.’ After living with it about three or four days, I just had an idea that Trace Adkins would be perfect to have on this record with me. I’ve been saying for the last few months, I’m just recording songs that I want to make with no apologies, with no rhyme or reason, and I’ve been making them with the people I want to make them with. I’m just making records that I’m excited about.”

Said Shelton’s award-winning producer Scott Hendricks, “What excites me about this song, other than the fact that it’s a bona fide hit record, is that it’s so infectious you can’t get it out of your mind. It’s one of those rare finds that could literally change the vernacular of how people talk. I can’t think of a song that caused a whole generation to say something differently. This song has the chance to do it. I think people will be saying, ‘Hell Right.’”

The song will be available online this Friday, August 16th and will come to radio on Monday, August 19th.